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Taikei (dates unknown)
Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923
Signed: Taikei sha
Seals: Taikei
Technique: colours on silk 41.3 x 50.2
Mounting: blue brocade and grey silk 134.5 x 64.5
Condition: foxed, otherwise good

On September 1, 1923, a powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit the Kanto region and flattened Tokyo and Yokohama. More than half of the brick buildings and one-tenth of the reinforced concrete structures in the region collapsed. Many hundreds of thousands of houses were either shaken down or burned in the ensuing fire touched off by the quake. Survivors sought refuge from the collapsing buildings in open areas. Over the course of three days, the fires spread across Tokyo, leaving behind a landscape of destruction and chaos. It killed more than140,000 people, and left countless severely injured.

Price: EUR 1,200 / USD 1,200