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Takahashi Dôhachi VI (Kachûtei) (1881-1941)
Kashibachi, fruit bowl - Setsuchiku, Snow and bamboo
Seals: Dôhachi
Technique: brown crackled go-gaku shaped* Kyôyaki, with tetsu-e, iron oxide, underglaze design of bamboo, covered with slip and perforations to suggest “snow flakes”. Ø 19 x 9,6
Date: 1920s
Condition: fine

* go-gaku shape, the peaks of the five sacred mountains
(Takachiho, Kongôzan, Nioizan, Hieizan and Atagoyama)

Takahashi Dôhachi VI (Kachûtei) was the son of Dôhachi IV (Michiyori Kachûtei) (1845-1897).
He was born in Kyoto, the second son of Takahashi Dôhachi IV (1845-1897)
He studied with his father as well as with his brother Dôhachi V (1869-1914). He also studied at the Kyoto Municipal Ceramics Laboratory. He inherited the title after his brothers’ death and he became Dôhachi VI in 1915. Known for his blue white porcelain and sencha ware.

Kyoto 2003 p. 327

Price: EUR 600 / USD 636