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Tahara Teruki (1900-1982)
modern (Western style)
Signed: -
Seals: Teruki
Technique: colours on paper, 45.3 x 30.1
Mounting: brown decorated brocade and brown silk, 128 x 45.3
Box: inscribed
Condition: very good

Teruki was born in Saga-gun, Saga Prefecture. He graduated from Tokyo Higher Normal School in 1922 with a specialisation in drawing and manual arts. He was first selected for the 7th Teiten in 1925 and subsequently exhibited at the Teiten and Bunten exhibitions, becoming a non-exhibitor at the New Bunten Exhibition in 1941.

He was was appointed professor at Tokyo Higher Normal School in 1942 (and professor at Tokyo University of Education in 1943). After the war, he was commissioned to exhibit at the Nitten, and received the Asakura Prize in the 9th Exhibition

Price: EUR 750 / USD 825