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Kawakita Kahô (1875-1940)
Akitomo Kurio trying to save his horse and his servant from drowning
Signed: Kahô e
Seals: Kawakita Kôkô, Kahô
Technique: colours on silk 102 x 33
Mounting: brown green brocade and brown brocade 180 x 44
Condition: good

Akitomo Kurio (1760-1776) According to the Taihei-ki, Akitomo entered the Tenryu River still wearing his armour, to save his horse and his servant from drowning, by carrying them across the river.

Kawakita Kahô was born in Kyoto. He studied with Kôno Bairei (1844-1895) and later with Kikuchi Hôbun (1862-1918). Kahô was a frequent exhibitor at the Bunten shows and became a juror of Teiten. He became teacher at the Kyoto City School. of Arts and Crafts

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Price: EUR 850 / USD 909