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Kita Kadô (1812-1879)
Shijô (Kishi)
Autmn moon and reeds
Signed: Chikuseki ô
Seals: Kadô
Technique: sumi on paper 126 x 40.9
Mounting: green damask and beige silk
217 x 52.8
Box: authorized by Beinen (..-..)
Condition: very good

Kadô was born in Imasu, Fuwa District, Mino Province (present-day Sekigahara-cho, Gifu Prefecture). After the death of his parents at a young age, he moved to Kyoto and studied Japanese painting under Gan Ku (1749-1838) and later with his son Gan Tai (1782-1865) and Gan ryô (1798-1852). Around 1848, he opened his studio in Hiroi-Mizusuma-machi (Nagoya) to continue the Kishi school, His studio became well known, and he was invited to be the painter in the service of the Owari domain.

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