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Suma Taisui (1868-1955) with Sawamura Tôsai I († 1941)
Kiyôyaki sometsuke
Kashibachi, Cake bowl - Hishi, water chestnut
Signed: Taisui
Seals: Tôsai
Technique: Kyôyaki sometsuke, blue and white porcelain from the Sawamura kiln at Gojô near Kiyomizudera Ø 16,7 x 9,2
Box: signed by both potter and painter

Box inscription outside: 瓷鉢 Jihatsu (ceremic bowl) 音羽山陶哉造 「印」□
Otobasan Tôsai zô (Made by Tôsai at the Kiyomizu temple). [seal:] illegible
Box inscription inside lid: .. .. 對水?「印」? [signed:] Taisui ga [seal:] illegible

Taisui lived in Osaka, he studied with Kubota Tôsui (1841-1911) who introduced him to the style of the Shijô painter Nishiyama Hôen (1804-1867). Taisui was the owner of the famous restaurant: “Kichô”

Around 1918 Tôsai I started the Sawamura kiln at Gojô near Kiyomizudera. In 1941 after his death the second generation took over.

Price: EUR 1,000 / USD 1,100