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Miura Gomon (1809-1860)
Plumblossom (The clear sounds of 10.000s jewels)
Signed: Gomon
Seals: Gomon sei
Technique: sumi on “coated” paper 14,5 x 46
Date: 1859
Condition: some old flaws, otherwise good

The calligraphy reads: 萬玉玲瓏 The clear sound of 10.000s of jewels
compare Ashmolean, Katz, supplementary paintings # 35

Gomon was born in Nagasaki, where he remained the rest of his life. He studied with Watanabe Kakushû (1778-1830) and Ishizaki Yûshi (1768-1846), but became influenced by Chinese paintings of the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties. He served as kara-e mekiki, inspector of the Chinese painting collection to the bakufu. With Itsuun and Hidetaka Tetsuô (1791-1871), Gomon was considered one of the three great Nagasaki painters.

Roberts p. 33
Araki p. 1855

Price: EUR 125 / USD 131