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Ikai Shôkoku (1881-1939) with Daimaru Hoppô (1879-1959)
Kyôyaki sometsuke
Teppatsu, begging bowl - Warabi kago, basket with bracken and butterfly
Signed: Shôkoku ga and kaô
Seals: Hoppô
Technique: Kyôyaki sometsuke (Seikaji) - Translucent blue and white porcelain Ø 18 x 10
Box: signed by both painter and potter, furokushi sealed Hoppô
Condition: fine

Box inscription outside: 菓子鉢: 哺谷 やらびかで Kashibashi, cake bowl [by:] Hokoku, Warabi kade, basket with brackenI
inside lid: 蕨籠、嘯谷自題、「印」嘯谷
Warabi kago, basket with bracken [signed:] Shôkoku jidai [seal:] Shôkoku
雪中菴北峯製「印」雪中庵 [signed:] Setchûan Hopô sei [seal:] Setchûan

Shôkoku was born in Kyoto. He studied under Taniguchi Kôkyô (1864-1915) and graduated from the Kyoto Municipal School of Fine arts and Crafts in 1900 and he was immediately accepted as a professor at the Kyoto University of Art.

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Hoppô was born in Kaga in Ishigawa province. The Kutani ceramist Ôkura Seishichi (1835-1918) taught him to decorate porcelain. In 1899 he went to Kyoto and from 1906-1909 he lived in China. There he taught the technique of porcelain at the Hunansheng Zhitao Xuetang, the Academy of Ceramics in Hunan province nd at the same time he studied the history of Chinese porcelain. Back in Kyoto he was considered one of the best porcelain artists.