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Nakajima Kahô (1866-1939)
Nihonga (Nanga)
Moon viewing party of fishermen (after Tessai)
Signed: Nakajima Kahô
Seals: Kenshô
Technique: colours on paper 131,6 x 54
Date: 1908 (25 dec)
Mounting: colourful striped silk
206,5 x 68,7
Condition: Mounted fumpon, (design), very good

In the evening the fisherman is pleased,
The net is loaded and he wants to haul it in late. Tessai gaishû (HK)

A Japanesed line from a poem by the Tang poet Qian Xu from: A hundred poems without title made while taking a walk along the river (Jiang xing wuti yibai shou shi).

Between 1900 and 1910 Tomioka Tessai (1836-1924) made a number of studies of moored fishing boats with parties of fishermen after his teacher Oda Kaisen (1785-1862). Kahô in his turn used to learn from his teacher Tessai. (comp. Oda Kaisen ten 1995, # 29-30).

Kahô was born in Kyoto, son of the painter Nakajima Kayô (died1877), who studied with Yokoyama Kazan (1784-1837). Kahô studied painting under Mori Kansai (1814-1892) and calligraphy with his brother-in-law Tomioka Tessai (1836-1924), who was married to his sister Tatsu. Kahô studied haiga works by Kikaku, Buson and Gekkei, and made his own interpretations.
He participated in numerous exhibitions, including the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893.

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WAS: € 1.000,- ($ 1,100)