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Suzuki Shônen (1848-1918)
4 Seasons in the valley
Signed: Shônen Senshi and Shônen hitsu
Seals: Suzuki Seken Shônen
Technique: colours on silk 100 x 41 (4x)
Mounting: blue silver damask and grey silk
190 x 55,3 (4x)
Box: Authorized by Kichirô Kubo (Specialist on Shônen)
Condition: “Summer” has a small repair and winter some slight foxing, otherwise fine

Titels on the box:
春溪梅花 Shunkei baika, Valley in spring, plumblossom
夏溪帰樵 Kakei kishô, Valley in summer, returning woodcutter
秋溪遊鹿 Shûkei yûroku (asoshika), Autmn in the valley, playing deer
冬溪 雪霽 Tôkei sessei, Winter in the valley, fresh snow

Shônen’s life-style is reflected in his paintings: bold and full of self-confidence.
He was the son and pupil of the Kyoto Shijô artist Suzuki Hyakunen (1825-1891). At a very early age he already achieved great skill and worked in a spontaneous, bold and impromptu manner. In 1881 he succeeded Kôno Bairei (1844-1895) at the Kyôto Art Academy, teaching Northern Chinese painting, where he taught until 1888. In 1886 he also started teaching at the Kyôto Prefectural School of painting, the same school he attended as a pupil. In his later years Shônen was an extremely influential person in the Kyôto art circles.

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Price: EUR 7,500 / USD 8,925