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Chô Sanshû (1833-1895)
Flowering riceplant
Signed: Sanshû sei
Seals: Sanshû
Technique: sumi on paper 46,5 x 14,4
Condition: Has been used, very good

Sanshû was born in Hita. He was the eldest son of the poet Chô Baigai (1810-85) and the poetess Chisato (Chikukôkaku Fujin). Like his mother Sanshû studied poetry at the Kangien, a school for (Neo-) Confucian studies founded in 1807 by Hirose Tansô (1782-1856). From the thousands of students of Tansô he was considered one of his best. After the Meiji restoration of 1868 Sanshû wrote the drafts for main part of what would become the Fundamental Code of Education of 1872. In addition he served as the head of educational affairs in the Ministry of Education, and in the Imperial Household he was the tutor of the Taishô emperor.
Next to his writing Sanshû was also a painter.

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Price: EUR 125 / USD 131