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Nagasaka Sekitai (1846-1925)
Nihonga (Nanga)
Signed: Sekitai rôjin nanajûshi (74) rôjin shû
Seals: Shûin, Sekitai, Ikeidô
Technique: colours on silk 52.4 x 42.1
Date: April 1918
Mounting: grey green decorated damask 137 x 55.5
Condition: very good

Nagasaka Sekitai (Shûni) was a medical doctor and known as a calligrapher and a poet of Chinese poetry. He studied with Mori Shuntô (1819-1889) and became one of his best pupils (the four heavenly kings).
In 1875 he moved to Tokyo starting as a doctor and living in the house where Yanagawa Seigan (1781-1858) once lived.

Araki p. 483

Price: EUR 800 / USD 856