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Kamei Hanji (1801-1851)
Bijin tsū ten boshū - bijin in late autumn twilight
Signed: Hanji sha
Seals: Gyokudô, Kô
Technique: soft colours on paper 131 x 28.8
Mounting: pale blue paper 172.5 x 37.3
Box: inscribed
Condition: good

Hanji was a potter from Owari Nagoya. During the Bunsei period he painted various kinds of ceramics at the kilns of Tosendo and Shintôen. He also studied painting, first Ukiyo-e with Takamasa Mori (born 1791). but being displeased with him he changed to Nanga painting with Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783-1856).

Price: EUR 1,600 / USD 1,600