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Yokoyama Hasei (1899-1974)
Nachi no taki - Nachi falls
Signed: Hasei
Technique: sumi and gold on paper 46.2 x 51.5
Mounting: bronze brocade and pink damask 142 x 66.3
Box: signed double
Condition: very good

Box inscription: 那智之瀧 葩生題 Nachi no taki, Nachi falls [signed:] Hasei dai [seal:] unread

Yokoyama Hasei was born in Seto, Aichi prefecture. After he dropped out of Seto Pottery School in 1928, he entered the National Ceramics Laboratory in Kyoto and started to paint. Although self-taught, he was selected for the Teiten in 1934 and participated in shows at art galleries. In 1948, he established Aoki Company, an organisation involved in painting research. He developed a very individual style in landscape painting.

Aburai p. 421

Price: EUR 1,100 / USD 1,177