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Ishikawa Ryûjô (1847-1927)
Signed: Shajidai Ryûjô Rôjin koku
Seals: Ryûjô & Shi Enshu
Technique: sumi on paper 137,2 x 33,3
Date: Spring 1913
Mounting: green damask
201 x 46,5
Box: signed
Condition: some light creases, otherwise very good

Ryûjô was born in Nagoya where he studied with Nakano Suichiku (1808 -1886) and Yoshida Kado (act 1860s). He went to Kyoto to study Chinese classics as well as Chinese painting. Most of his life he spent in government service, first in Gifu-ken, in Taiwan in 1896. He visited China in 1900 and 1909. After he returned to Nagoya he played an important role in the Nanga circles of Nagoya and Kyoto.

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WAS: € 700,- ($ 770)