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1. Kanô Yasunobu (1613-1685)
Hatsuboku landscape with pagoda
Signed: Bokushinsai hitsu
Seals: Bokushinsai ..
Technique: sumi on silk, 33.2 x 49.5
Mounting: gold brocade and beige damask
125 x 61.7
Box: Authorised by Kanô Masanobu (1823-1880)
Condition: very good

Yasunobu was the son of Takanobu (1571-1618) and younger brother of Tan’yû (1602-1674) and Naonobu (1607-1650). He first studied under Kanô Kôi (1569-1636) and with his brother Tan’yû. After his removal with Tan’yû from Kyoto to Edo he founded the Kanô Kajibashi branch and became goyô eshi to the shogun. He is regarded as the eight-generation head of the main Kyoto Kanô line.

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Kanô Masanobu (1823-1880) was the teacher of both Kanô Hôgai (1828-1888), and Hashimoto Gahô (1835-1908), the last two Kanô style painters