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Tachika Chikuson (1864-1922)
Scholar in a landscape with willows
Signed: Chikuson .. ..
Seals: Taitsu, Shinkyo, .. (bt)
Technique: sumi on paper 136.7 x 33.8
Mounting: bronze brocade
196 x 47
Condition: very good

江天烟外闊, 橋柳枯途斜。
Wide is the sky above the mist over the river;
the willows near the bridge are bare and old, the path is steep.

Chikuson was born in Ôita province. In 1884 he went to Kyoto to study with Tanomura Chokunyû (1814-1907). He graduated from the Kyoto prefectural school of painting. Later he exhibited with the Bunten and the Teiten. Chikuson was a winner of many prizes, a founding member of the Nihon Nangain. He became an important member of Kyoto art circles.

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WAS: € 650,- ($ 715)

Price: EUR 200 / USD 220