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Sugawara Hakuryû (1833-1898)
Landscape with two men in a boat
Signed: Hakuryû sanjin
Seals: Sugawara Motomichi, Hakuryû, unread (tp)
Technique: sumi on paper 105 x 32
Mounting: beige silk
188 x 47,3
Condition: some wormage, otherwise very good

前溪通南海 / 峰忝白雲間 / 不假古人法 / 福來所見山
I’m drowsy, but want to sit at my desk,
and then, after a while, I think about throwing out my fishing rod.

Lines from Lu You (1125–1210), Notes on the wall of the studio

Hakuryû was a Zen priest and a mountain ascetic. He had studied painting with Kumasaka Tekizan (1796-1864), but when he had seen the work of Seiko he limited his painting style to Nanga. Because of his nationalistic background he moved into the opposite way compared with that of Seiko. His involvement in the nationalistic circles must certainly have helped Hakuryû become a famous painter during the Meiji period and he received many awards.

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WAS: € 650,- ($ 715)

Price: EUR 200 / USD 220