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Kishi Chikudô (1826-1897)
Pregnant woman "The fulfillment of various wishes"
Signed: Chikudô Ganroku
Seals: Chikudô
Technique: sumi on paper 33.7 x 47.7
Mounting: yellow raw silk and blue paper 121 x 50
Condition: lightly soiled, otherwise good

Most probably a sketch of his wife Motoko, the daughter of his teacher Kishi Renzan (1804-1859) pregnant of their son.

Kishi Chikudô is among the best of the last true Shijô painters. He had immense skill ..... (Hillier)
Chikudô became a pupil of Kishi Renzan (1805-1859), where he studied diligently for several years. He married Motoko, one of his daughters and was adopted as Renzans son.
His style, based on that of Õkyo, comes close to the Shijô manner, but with modern touches which was much admired by the Japanese.

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Price: EUR 1,500 / USD 1,500