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16. Hirakawa Toshio (1924-2006)
Yuki - Snow
Signed: Toshio
Seals: illegable
Technique: colours and paste on silk 41 x 60
Mounting: oranga brown brocade and pink samask
147 x 76.5
Box: signed double box
Condition: a few stains in the mounting, otherwise very good

Toshio came from Toyokawa in Aichi Prefecture and was trained as an artisan in silk printing. During the Second World War, he worked in Kyoto in a workshop for weaving and dying. After the war he developed a way,in which he changed landscape (suiboku) painting by using techniques he learned from dying cloth.

After a trip to China, he pursued ink painting and in 1980, he was awarded the Chinese-Japanese Cultural Prize for "establishing a new style of Japanese painting based on the theme of trees.

After meeting Masayoshi Nakamura (1924 -1977), he seriously began to create Japanese-style paintings. On Masayoshi's recommendation, he participated in the 3rd Souzou Bijutsu Exhibition in 1950, and continued to exhibit. In the 1980s, color began to disappear from his paintings, and mainly used shades of black ink.
In 1990 and 1997 he had two large retrospective exhibitions.

Masao Murase, Nihonga, contemporary Japanese Painting in Traditional Style, Bruges 1989, # 34

Price: EUR 2,000 / USD 2,370