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Gan Tai (1782-1865) and Murakami Shôdô (1776-1841)
Shijô (Kishi)
Kawasemi - Kingfisher and reeds
Signed: Kishi Takudô nd Shôdô
Seals: Unread and Shôdô
Technique: sumi on coated paper 17,8 x 49,2
Condition: used, laid down, lightly soiled

Gan Tai, the eldest son and pupil of Gan Ku (1749-1838), was a fine painter in the Kishi tradition. With Kishi Renzan (1805-1859) he carried on the Kishi School.

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Shôdô, a native of Kyoto was a pupil of Gan Ku (1749-1838). He later worked in Edo and changed his style to Tosa.

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