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Okumura Sekitei (1874-1945)
Fuji ni shizirukara - Great tit in wisteria
Signed: Sekitei
Seals: Shihiko
Technique: colours on paper 138.5 x 44.6
Mounting: ocre paper 204 x 56
Condition: good

Sekitei was born in Nagoya as the oldest son of Okamura Sekiran (1834-1895). He studied Shij├┤ painting with his father and later with Isobe Hyakurin (1836-1906). He taught at the Nagoya high school and for 30 years at the Prefectural school of Aichi. A regular winner of prizes at exhibitions.

Araki p. 480

Price: EUR 750 / USD 802