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Kawai Gyokudô (1873-1957)
Diptych - 2 Landscapes (in the style of Hashimoto Gahô)
Signed: Gyokudô
Seals: Gyokudô
Technique: sumi on paper, 118 x 20.5 (2x)
Mounting: beige gold brocade and green brocade, 196 x 31.2
Box: signed
Condition: some light foxing, otherwise very good

Kawai Gyokudō was born in Ichinomiya, Aichi. After the family moved to Gifu, his father had started a store with art supplies, which was run by his mother. Gyokudō was talented and he went to Kyoto in 1887 where he started studying with Mochizuke Gyokusen (1834-1913). After winning a prize in 1890, he moved on to study with Kōno Bairei. After the death of Bairei In e moved to Tokyo 1896 h where he became a student of the Kanō painter Hashimoto Gahō (1835-1908) but also did some studying on Western painting. In 1898 he joined Nihon Bijutsuin and moved in 1914 to the Inten. The combination of Kanô, Shijô and western painting, shaped his own style as a landscape painter. For the greater part of his life starting in 1907, he was a juror and a teacher at the academy from 1915 to 1938.

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And a number of monographs

Price: EUR 1,450 / USD 1,595