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Doi Gôga (1817-1880)
Diptych: Bamboo and poem
Signed: Gôga Kaku gakuga, Doisei
Seals: Doi Kakuin, Shi Kyôshi
Technique: sumi on paper 92.7 x 29.3
Mounting: blue crushed paper
158 x 34.2 (2x)
Condition: some scattered wormage in the bamboo

Poem remains unread.

Doi Gôga (Yûkaku) was the son of an Ise physician. He studied the Confucian classics, which he considered more important than poetry and literature. His teacher was the noted scholar Saitô Setsudô (1797-1865), well acquainted with San’yô (1780-1832), Hankô (1782-1846) and Shinozaki Shôchiku (1782-1851). In many ways Gôga was a controversial Confucian with strong ideas of his own. His writings were considered dangerous and were only published after his death. His art is bizarre in many aspects and poetic in others.

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Price: EUR 750 / USD 892