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Hiroshige (1797-1858)(attr. to)
Tokonoyama: Bijin boating under the moon from the series: Shôkoku meizan, Famous moutains in the provinces
Technique: preliminary ôban drawing in sumi on paper 25,3 x 36
Condition: centerfold, little wormage and a thin spot, othwerwise good

Preliminary sketch for the print Tokonoyama from an unpublished series: 諸国名山 
Shôkoku meizan, Famous moutains in the provinces, illustrating a haiku by Enomoto Kikaku (1661-1707).
The story of Asazumabune, which refers to emperor Gomizunoo (1596-1680), reigning from 1611-29 amuzing himself with the girls on Asazumabune, boats from Asazuma at Lake of Omi.

Price: EUR 750 / USD 735