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Omura Taiun (1883-1938)
Usagi, Rabbit - Tokukô, benefit and happiness
Signed: Taiun
Seals: Taiun
Technique: sumi and pink on paper 129.5 x 30.7
Mounting: green damask 190 x 43.3
Box: signed
Condition: very good

Taiun was the eldest son of a grain dealer in Kame, Shimane Prefecture. In 1897, he left elementary school, and in the following year, without permission from his parents, he went to Tokyo. Although he knocked on the gates of Hashimoto Gaho (1835-1908) and Kawabata Gyokushô (1842-1913), he was refused and returned to his hometown.
After that, he trained in Kyoto, and in 1903 he studied under Yamamoto Shunkyo (1871-1933) and with Tsuji Kako (1870-1931). In 1919 he won the 3rd prize at the Taishô Bunten, and the 3rd prize consecutively for the next four years.

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