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Ohashi Suiseki (1865-1945)
Yûneko, - Playing cat and rose
Signed: Suiseki hitsu
Seals: Suiseki chôju
Technique: sumi and some colours on paper 124.2 x 31.1
Mounting: green brocade
188 x 45.8
Box: signed
Condition: fine

Suiseki was born in Gifu-ken. He went to Kyoto where he studied under Amano Hôko. Moved to Tokyo in 1886 where he studied under Watanabe Shôka (1835-1887). Latwer he mainy lived at Suma, Hyôgo-ken. He received a prize at the Naikoku Kangyô Hakurankai and in 1900 a gold medal at the Paris exhibition. Together with Hashimoto Kansetsu they established the Kobe Kaiga Kyôkai and was active in promoting Nanga painting in the Kobe area. He was specialized in painting tigers and lions and famous for them. He also showed at the bunten and the Teiten.

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Araki p. 2323

Price: EUR 1,400 / USD 1,680