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12. Nozaki Kanen (1862-1936)
modern (Nihonga 野崎華年
Arashikyō asoharu - Enjoying Arashikyō in spring
Signed: Ka’nen
Seals: Ka’nen
Technique: colours on paper 35.5 x 56.8
Mounting: white crushd paper and olive green paper
120.5 x 64
Condition: very good

Nozaki Kanen was born in Nagoya, where he studied under Kono Chuka. After he moved to Tokyo, he studied under Tonoki Shokichi. Back in Nagoya, he formed the first painting group in the western style "Meibikai" in 1897. After which, in 1903, he studied under Asai Chu (1856-1907). In 1911, he became the director of the Tokai Art Association.

Price: EUR 750 / USD 888