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Maekawa Bunrei (1837-1917) & Asami Gorosuke II (act. from 1895)
Yunomi, sake cup - ebi (old man of the sea), lobster
Signed: Nanajûô (61)(66?) Bunrei
Seals: Gorosuke
Technique: wheel-turned beige kyôyaki with a black tetsu-e underglaze painting Ø 8 x 3,4
Date: 1897 (1902?)
Box: signed by both potter and painter
Condition: very good

Bunrei was the son and pupil of Maekawa Gorei (1806-1876), who had been a pupil of Keibun. He was specialized in figure and kachôga subjects. He was a member of the Kyôto Art Academy and the Kyoshin-kai. At exhibitions he was a winner of prizes and many awards.

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Asami Gorosuke, the first Asami Goroosuke was born as the second son of Higuchi Munechika an officer from the Takatsuki clan in Settsu Province (Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture). Later, he was adopted by the Asami family in Kyoto, and became a potter under the guidance of Rokubei II.
His kiln was opened in 1852 in Gojozaka, Kyoto and worked on both porcelain and ceramics, making tea bowls, confectionery bowls, liquor vessels, and other vessels, as well as tea utensils.
He was particularly good at copying Shorui and calls himself "Shorui Gorosuke".