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Hashimoto Gahô (1835-1908)
Red Plum Blossoms
Signed: Gahô hitsu
Seals: Kokki
Technique: sumi and colours on paper 95.2 x 25
Mounting: grey gold brocade and bronze damask 176 x 36.4
Box: Double box. Authorized Shiøwa 7 1932 by his third son Hashimoto Shûhô (1881- 1947?)(橋本秀邦)
Condition: faint stain, otherwise very good

Gahō was born in Edo, he studied painting under Kanō Shōsen'in (1823-1880) and was influenced by the work of Kanō Hōgai (1828-1880). Like Hōgai, he used traditional methods and depicted traditional subjects, but incorporated elements of Western art as well.

In 1884 he was invited by Okakura Tenshin (1863-1913) to become the chief professor of painting at the Tōkyō Bijutsu Gakkō, now the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, which would open five years later. Encouraged by Ernest Fenelossa (1853-1908) and Tenshin, they founded with Hôgai the Kangakai to reform the Kanô school.
In 1898 Gahō joined Tenshin and left the Bijutsu Gakkō, to found the Nihon Bijutsuin, the Japan Fine Arts Academy together with his students Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958), Hishida Shunsô (1874-1911), Kawai Gyokudô (1873-1957), Terazaki Kôgyô (1866-1919) and Shimomura Kanzan (1873-1930),

In Tokyo Gahô is well considered the father of the revival of the Tokyo style of Japanese-style painting, Nihonga.

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Price: EUR 1,200 / USD 1,200