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Imaizumi Baikei (born 1869)
Playing cat
Signed: Baikei
Seals: Baikei
Technique: colours on paper 95.5 x 30
Mounting: blue crushed paper and beigecrushed paper
170 x 32.2
Condition: very good

Baikei was born in Nagoya, He first studied the Tosa School under Kimura Kinshu (1833-1917). He later moved to Takeuchi Seiho (1864-1942) to study the Shij├┤ style. In 1909, he exhibited at the 14th New Antique Art Exhibition and received awards at the Japan Youth Painting Exhibition and the 9th Exhibition of Painting. Baikei painted many pictures of the three major festivals in Nagoya (Tenno Festival, Wakamiya Festival, and Toshogu Festival).

Price: EUR 800 / USD 960