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Gôtô Shûgai (born 1886) with Takahashi Dôhachi VI (Kachûtei) (1881-1941)
Kiyôyaki sometsuke
Kashibachi, Cake bowl - Old pine with Chinese poem 
Signed: Shûgai dôshi
Seals: Kachûtei Dôhachi raku
Technique: Kyôyaki sometsuke (Seikaji) - Translucent blue and white porcelain Ø 18,7 x 9,3
Date: 1912
Box: signed by both painter and potter
Condition: fine

The calligraphy on the bowl reads: ”Eight thousand feet with a straight trunk and green throughout winter,
a deep shadow of one are large and a deep tranquility in the summer month.”

Written and painted by master Shûgai in Hatada Kôro on a prosperous day in the month October of the first year of Taisho. (1912)

This poem is partly taken over from the initial lines of a Chinese poem called Dasong (De large pine tree) by the Northen Song poet Wang Ling (12th century):
”Eighty feet with a slim trunk and green throughout the winter,
a deep shadow of one are large and so fresh in the summer month.”

Shûgai was a pupil of Tachika Chikuson (1864-1922). He was born in Gifu ken, lived and worked in Kyoto.

Araki p. 1319

Dôhachi VI was born in Kyoto, the second son of Takahashi Dôhachi IV (Michiyori Kachûtei) (1845-1897). He studied both with his father and with his brother Dôhachi V (1869-1914). He inherited the title after his brothers’ death and he became Dôhachi VI in 1915.

Price: EUR 700 / USD 770