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Goto Kôho (1882-1958)
Tit and kaki
Signed: Kôho
Seals: Kôho
Technique: sumi and brown on paper 132.7 x 33
Mounting: dark blue “Ju” decorateddamask
195 x 45.9
Condition: creased

At first Kôhô studied his father's paintings and later with Yukie Matsudaira in Mito. In 1901, he went to Tokyo and studied under Hara Tanbashi (..-..). Then he studied under Araki Kanpo (1831-1915) and learned bird-and-flower painting. At the age of 16, he joined Kajiyama Taikai in Uchida Town in the city. Exhibited at the Buntan and the Teiten and works have been purchased by the Imperial Household Ministry. He was a founding member of the Japan Art Association. During the war, he evacuated to his birthplace Nakazato Village, and after the war, he continued his creative activities in Sugaya, Naka Town.

WAS: € 650,- ($ 715)