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Takebe Hakuhô (1871-1927)
Fishing under the autumn moon
Signed: Hakuhô
Seals: Takebe Hakuhô
Technique: colurs on silk 108,7 x 49.4
Mounting: green brocade and ochre silk 201.5 x 64.4

Hakuhô was born in Osaka the son of the illustrator Yoshimine Takebe, who had been involved with Asahi Shimbun since its inception.
Under the influence of his father, he first studied ukiyo-e, but in 1888 he entered the Naniwa (Osaka) School of Painting and switched from prints to Japanese painting.
Here he met Nishiyama Kan'ei (1833-1897), famous for his portraits and bird and flower paintings. He continued to study with him even after the school closed. He wasreceived the name Hakuho in 1898, and even after becoming a successful Shijo school painter, he frequently held retrospective exhibitions of Kan'ei.
He was a popular artist in the Osaka art world.

Araki p. 562

Price: EUR 1,000 / USD 1,070