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Watanabe Gentai (1749-1820)
Ayame ni sagi - Heron and irises (probably after a Dutch print)
Signed: -
Seals: Nabe Zui noin, Watanabe Ki uji
Technique: colours on silk 112,7 x 48,4
Mounting: beige damask
191 x 63,3
Box: inscribed from the Tôryô Shachin collection
Condition: very good

Gentai’s father was Watanabe Shinsui (1720-1767) who went to Nagasaki to study with the influential Chinese painter Shen Nan P’in and who became the first Nanga painter of Edo.
So Gentai worked in his father’s style. Especially his kachôga are done in the Nagasaki style of Shen Nan P’in, but his landscapes combined the Northern and the southern style in which he became as famous as Haruki Nanko (1759-1839) and Suzuki Fuyô (1749-1816). He became a famous teacher with more than 1000 pupils. He also trained Tani Bunchô (1763-1840) in the Nagasaki style.

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Price: EUR 1,250 / USD 1,500