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Ônishi Chinnen (1792-1851) with Kameda Bôsai (1752-1826)
Kame - Tortoise
Signed: Chinnen & Bôsai Rôjin sho
Seals: Nyo Nanzan no ju, Zenshin & Chôkô Shi-in
Technique: sumi and little colour on paper 99 x 26,5
Mounting: bronze damask and sand coloured raw silk
181 x 37,5
Condition: lightly creased, otherwise very good

The poem remains unread.

Chinnen was the son of Ônishi Keisai (1773-1829). He studied with his father and with Tani Bunchô (1763-1840). After Watanabe Nangaku (1767-1813) had come to Edo to teach the Maruyama style, Chinnen and Suzuki Nanrei (1775-1844) studied with him. They became some of the few Maruyama-Shijô painters in Edo and they were at least as good as their contemporaries in Kansai.

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Bôsai was one of the important literati figures in Edo. His painting, which he pursued as a hobby, was much influenced by Yuan art. He was better known as a Confucian scholar and a writer than as an artist.
Bôsai studied under Inoue Kinga (1732-1784), a Confucian scholar also known for his painting and calligraphy. Bôsai subsequently established his own school. Later in life he stopped studying and teaching and spent the rest of his days composing poetry and drinking sake.

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Price: EUR 800 / USD 952