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Ogawa Suison (1902-1964)
Setchū kuma, bear in the snow
Signed: Suison
Seals: Chikusui
Technique: sumi on silk 111.6 x 35.7
Mounting: brown damask and brown silk
194.5 x 39.4
Condition: very good

Suison was born near Osaka in Hineno Village, Sennan County (now Hineno, Izumisano City), he was a celebrated painter in his hometown.
In 1920, he became a student of Japanese painter Nishiyama Suishô (1879-1958) in Kyoto, and the same year he was awarded his first prize at the Teiten exhibition. He continued to exhibit his work every year and was known as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings of the Nishiyama School". He was commissioned by Shitennoji Temple, Eiheiji Temple and Nanzenji Temple to paint their ceilings and fusuma panels.

20th p. 87
Araki p. 2324

Price: EUR 900 / USD 1,098