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23. Mochizuki Gyokusen (1794-1852) (Shigeteru)
Denka getsuya - Cabins in a moonlit night
Signed: Mochi Gyokusen
Seals: Gyokusen
Technique: sumi on paper, 18.9 x 51
Mounting: light green silk
109.5 x 65
Box: inscribed
Condition: very good

Gyokusen, Shigeteru, was the third in line of the Mochizuki painters family.

His father Mochizuki Gyokusen Makoto (1744-1795), died when he was a baby; so he became first a member of the household of Maruyama painter Murakami Tôshû (act c. 1800) and next hen of Gan Ku’s (1749-1838). He was an admirer of Go Shun (1752-1811) wih whom he studied the Shijô Style. Before he settled down in Kyôto he travelled to Nagasaki and Edo first. He was a distuinguised painter of kachôga and landscapes.

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Price: EUR 1,400 / USD 1,652 (pending)