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Unidentified priest and Tôan (from Higashiyama)(act mid-20th century)
Chawan, tea bowl - 茶氷 - “Tea and ice.”
Signed: Haku..
Seals: An
Technique: Kyoyaki, pottery from Kyoto, with an iron oxide inscription under grayish and pink crackled glaze (gohonde Ø 11,2 x 7,6
Box: signed by Tôan
Condition: fine

The inscription reads: Chahyô - Tea and ice

The meaning is that tea is as pure as ice.
On Chinese Yixing jars sometimes the line can be found: Yi pian bing xin zai yu hu, “A heart as pure as frozen ice in a jade jar.” Wich is a sentence from a poem by the Tang poet: Wang Changlin.

The Kyôyaki kiln Tôan was founded in 1922 in Higashiyama Senyuji, Kyoto. At first its main business was making tiles for the Tokyo National Museum.The second head Chikayoshi is known as a sculptor. The third family head Yoshihide studied sculpturing and glazing for a long time in Germany. Now Yoshiaki Dobuchi succeeded as the 4th family head of Tôan. By now Tôan is one of the biggest pottery brands in Kyoto.

Price: EUR 350 / USD 378