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Watanabe Kôkan (1877-1938 )
Sparrow and bamboo
Signed: Kôkan
Seals: Kôkan
Technique: colours on silk 121 x 28.4
Mounting: bronze damask
190 x 41
Box: signed
Condition: good

Watanabe Kôkan was born in Ôtsu, Shiga prefecture. In 1894 he went Kyoto to study at the Kyoto School of Arts and Crafts but the same year he changed his education and moved to Morikawa Sôbun (1847-1902) to become his student. After the death of Sôbun in 1902 he started his own juku, a private teaching studio. In 1906 he was selected for the first Bunten exhibition. Many gouvernmental ehibitions and prizes to follow.

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Price: EUR 750 / USD 915