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Matsubayashi Keigetsu (1876-1963)
Keizan hima’aru – A leisurely walk through mountains and valleys
Signed: Keigetsu sanjin sha
Seals: Keigetsu
Technique: sumi and colours on paper, 128.7 x 30.2
Mounting: green gold brocade and green damask, 207.5 x 41.1
Box: Signed
Condition: good

Keigetsu was born in Yamaguchi, home of Hagi-yaki. He studied painting under Noguchi Yukoku (1825-1898) in Tokyo. He exhibited at the Bunten and the Nitten and was president of the Nihon Nangain and Nihon Bijutsu Kyôkai. Alongside such names as Tomioka Tessai (1837–1924) he is considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th century Nanga School.
Keigetsu was a member of the Imperial Art Academy and was awarded in 1959 the Order of Cultural Merit for his life’s work. He is held in the MoMA and Tokyo National Museum among many others.

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Price: EUR 900 / USD 990