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21. Azuma Hekiu (1904-1970)
Modern Nihonga
Setsurin - Forrest in winter
Signed: Hekiu
Seals: Heki
Technique: colours on paper 38,8 x 56,9
Mounting: beige decorated silk fabric and beige damask
148,5 x 73,1
Box: signed double box
Condition: a few tiny spots, otherwise fine

Hekiu was born in the city of Yamagata in Yamagata Prefecture. He graduated from the Japan Art School in Tokyo in 1923 and studied under Nakamura Gakuryo (1890-1969). He won his first prize at the Inten of 1929. In 1936, he left the Nitten to form the Hakushi-kai.

Aburai p. 13

Price: EUR 1,000 / USD 1,185