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Sawano Bunshin (1914-2005)
Kasen - River view
Signed: Bunshin
Seals: Bunshin
Technique: colours on paper 56.5 x 45.2
Mounting: grey-brown decorated fabric and cream silk 155 x 60
Box: signed
Condition: good

Box inscription: 河州 文臣自題「印」文臣 Kasen, River view [signed:] Bunshin jidai [seal:] Bunshin

Bunshin was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. He graduated from Kyoto College of Painting and studied under the famous Nihonga artist Domoto Inshô (1891-1975).
Bunshin lived in Saikyo-ku, Kyoto and was skilled in landscapes and flowers and birds.
He received a special prize at the Nitten and became a member of the Nitten Committee, he also received the Kikka Prize.