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Hama Kosho (1894-1990)
Modern Nihonga
Mount Hiei
Signed: Kosho
Seals: unread
Technique: colours on silk 43 x 51,5
Mounting: brown damask and beige silk 139 x 66
Box: signed
Condition: some foxing, otherwise very good

Box inscription: 比叡山 Hieizan, [signed:] 孤嘯題「印」孤嘯 Kosho dai[seal:] Kosho

Kosho was born in Nagano Pref. Suwa-shi in. He studied with Konoshima Okoku (1877-1938) and Takeuchi Seihô (1864-1942). His showed at the Teiten and at the Inten.

Aburai p. 312