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Kasao Hiromichi (1907-1982)
Modern Nihonga
Signed: Kôdô
Seals: Kôdô
Technique: colours on silk 39,6 x 42,3
Date: early winter of 1961
Mounting: orange silver damsk 113,5 x 54,6
Box: signed
Condition: except for a stain, very good

Box inscription: 渉間山 Sakurajimazan [sign:] 昭和三十六年初冬 浩道題「印」浩道
Shôwa 36 nen shotô, early winter of 1961 [signed:] Kôdô dai [seal:] Kôdô

Sakurajima in Kagoshima prefecture (Kyushu) is an active volcano. It used to be an island, but became a peninsula after the eruption of 1914.

Hiromichi lived in Tokyo, where he studied Nanga painting with Komura Suiun (1874-1945), Matsubashi Keigetsu (1876-1963) and Fukuda Kôko (1883-1959). He was a winner of several prizes with the Nitten and others.