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Mikami Hakyo (1913-1985)
Signed: Hakyo
Seals: Hakyo
Technique: sumi and gold on silk 42.2 x 50.4
Mounting: red gold brocade and beige silk 139 x 65
Condition: toned, otherwise good

Sakurajima in Kagoshima prefecture (Kyûshû) is an active volcano. It used to be an island, but became a peninsula after the eruption of 1914.

Hakyo was born in Hiroshima, 18 years old graduated from high school. In 1936, 23 years old he exhibited for the first time at the Bunten. During the war he served in the army. His first exhibition after the war was at the Omi Show 1948. From 1949 onwards he showed at the Nitten and the Jitsugetsusha-ten.