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Kojima Tanyô (1902-1975)
Modern Nihonga
Village under snow
Signed: Tanyô
Seals: Tanyô
Technique: colours on silk 37 x 42
Mounting: blue bronze brocade and beige silk 133 x 55.8
Box: signed
Condition: a few patches, otherwise very good

Box inscription: 雪の村、Yuki no mura [sign:] 丹漾題 Tanyô dai「印」丹漾, Tanyô

Tanyô was born in Ōchi Shōkan. He studied with Okumura Togyū (1889-1990). At he Inten in 1929 he won a first prize. 49 Years old he joined the Japan Art Institute. Most of his themes are related to his hometown Niigata depicting the northern landscape.

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