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84. Matsumura Keibun (1779-1843)
Jômatsuba, An abundance of pine needles - Hibachi / Akodanarihôro, Melon shaped brazier
Signed: Kaô (Kakihan)
Technique: Grey cracled gohonde Awatayaki, with a dark brown tetsu-e underglaze painting of pine coanes and needles, Ø 28.5 x 19
Box: Authorized by Okutani Shûseki (1871-1936)
Condition: Backing flaw in the lid, otherwise very good

Keibun was the younger brother of the painter and poet Matsumura Go Shun (1752-1811). Go Shun was, in fact, 27 years older than Keibun and took care of his education. After Go Shun’s death in 1811, Keibun inherited the studio on Shijô Street. Together with Okamoto Toyohiko (1773-1845), he carried on the Shijô School, Keibun specializing in kachôga and Toyohiko in landscape painting. Keibun was one of Kyoto’s leading artists and he educated many talented pupils who became well-known artists.

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Awatayaki is Kyôyaki from the kilns at the Awataguchi area in Kyoto

Price: EUR 3,250 / USD 3,835