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62. Kaji Kiichi (1904-1980)
Kohan- Lakeside
Signed: Kiichi
Seals: Kiichi
Technique: colours on silk 44 x 59.5
Mounting: silver brocade and beige silk
142,5 x 76,3
Box: signed double box
Condition: fine

He was born in Kyoto and graduated the municipal School of painting (modern University of art). In 1920 he began under Tsuji Kako 1870-1931), while also attending oil painting courses at the Kansai Bijutsuin Yoga Kenkyusho. In 1927 he graduated the Kyoto Municipal Special School of painting, where he continued in the research department until 1935. After Kako’s death, he came under the influence of Nishimura Goun (1877-1938). In 1937 he was drafted, but at his return from China two years later Goun too had passed away, and he entered the circle of Yamaguchi Kayô (1899-1984). In 1940 Kiichi performed at the National Exhibition for the first time and in the Nitten national exhibition of 1953 a painting of Koi was awarded. From 1954 he served as a judge at the Nitten and he would was subsequently awarded there again in 1963 and 1967. Kiichi was famous for his paintings of carps.

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