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57. Domoto Akira (born 1922)
Natsukei - summer landscape
Signed: Akira
Seals: Akira
Technique: colours on paper 46 x 51.5
Mounting: brocade and cream damask
139 x 66
Condition: foxed, otherwise good

Domoto Akira was born in Kyoto, the son of the lacquer artist Domoto Shiken (1889-1964), brother of Domoto Inchô (1891-1975). He graduated from the Kyoto College of Painting and received his first award at the 4th New Style Exhibition in 1941. After his return from the war, for which he was called to, he joined the company To-kyusha, which was led by Inshô, his uncle.
At the 10th and 11th Nitten he was awarded a special prize. He excelled in landscape and figure painting. Akira became a member of the Nitten committee.

Price: EUR 750 / USD 888