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45. Sugai Baikan (1784-1844)
Landscape, visiting a friend in the mountains
Signed: Gakukaho rôjin hitsui Tôsai koji
Seals: Sendai Tôsai, Sugai Gakuho
Technique: sumi on silk, 116.6 x 41.4
Date: 1832
Mounting: blue brocade
201 x 56.7
Box: authorized double box by Komuro Suiun (1874-1945) 小室翠雲
Condition: very good

Sugai was born in Sendai, went to Edo to study under Tani Bunchô (1763-1840). Later he went to Kyoto and finally to Nagasaki where he studied under the Chinese painter Chiang Chia-pu. After he became forty years old he returned to Sendai where served the Date clan.

Sendai 1994
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