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41. Kondō Kōichiro (1884-1962)
Saiyô - Colours of the sun
Signed: Kōichiro sha
Technique: sumi on paper 25.3 x 21.9
Mounting: brown brocade and and grey silk
120.5 x 36.5
Box: Signed
Condition: fine

During his career, Kondō Kōichiro practiced both yōga, Western-style paintingand traditional Japanese-style painting, but was, perhaps, best-known for his cartoons.

He was born in Mutsuai (the present-day town of Nanbu), Yamanashi Prefecture and studied Western painting at Tokyo Art School with Kuroda Seiki (1866-1924), a leader of the Western-style painting movement in Japan, and Wada Eisaku (1874-1959), another well known Western-style painter. After his graduation in 1910, Kondō practiced Western-style painting and drew manga and illustrations for the Yomiuri Shinbun and Asahi Shinbun newspapers.
Around 1915, he joined the Sango-kai (Coral Society), an organization of well-known Japanese-style painters in Tokyo. In 1919 Kondô participated in the exhibitions of the Inten, the Japan Art Institute which he joined on a regularly basis until his resignation from the group in 1936 and after which he shunned membership in any artistic group.

Kondō traveled extensively throughout Japan but also traveled to China and, inspired by his teachers' he traveled to Europe in 1922 and to Paris in 1931. It was during the 1931 trip that he captured the attention of the French novelist André Malraux, who helped in organizing an exhibition in Paris and London of Kondō's work. After his trips to Europe he abandoned Western-style painting and turned to traditional Japanese-style ink painting with Western pictorial techniques.

Price: EUR 1,600 / USD 1,896