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37. Kishi Renzan (1804-1859)
Nezumi - Mouse
Signed: Kishi Renzan
Seals: unread
Technique: sumi on paper, 23.8 x 29.5
Mounting: brown silk and grey-blue crushed paper
112.5 50.2
Condition: very good

Renzan was a pupil of Gan Ku (1749-1838) for more than ten years. When he married Gan Ku’s daughter he was adopted into the Kishi family. Like his father-in-law he was in the service of Arisugawa-no-Miya.
Renzan absorbed many elements of the Shijô, so his work differs considerably from that of Gan Ku. After Gan Ku’s death, Renzan and Gan Tai (1782-1865) became the leaders of the Kishi School.

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