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32. Ôhara Donshû († 1857)
Mangetsu no matsu - Full moon through the pines
Signed: Donshû Kon
Seals: Kon in
Technique: sumi on paper, 117 x 27
Mounting: checkered silk and beige silk
192 x 29
Condition: very good

Donshû was born in Awa. He went to Kyôto where he was adopted by the important government official Õhara Donkyô (1761-1810). Like his father, Donshû received his training from the Shijô-style painter Shibata Gitô (1780-1819). He was well acquainted with the bunjin Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863), who also came from Awa.

Roberts p.182 (Tonshû)
Araki p. 894
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Price: EUR 900 / USD 1,062