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Nakabayashi Chikutô (1776-1853)
Landscape, Summer clouds over the valley
Signed: Chûtan
Seals: Seishô noin, Chikutô sanjin
Technique: sumi on paper 38 x 58,7
Mounting: blue brown damask and crean silk 12 x 69,3
Condition: crease marks, otherwise very good

Chikutô is regarded as a theorist of the Nanga School. He was the son of a Nagoya doctor, but at the age of fifteen he became a protégé of the rich collector Kamiya Ten'yû (1721-1801) which gave him the opportunity to study authentic Chinese paintings. Together with his friend Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783-1856), he went to Kyoto in 1802. Moving constantantly between Kyoto and Nagoya he finally settled in his hometown in 1815.

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