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Noro Kaiseki (1747-1828)
Signed: Sôi Kaiseki sha
Seals: Daigo Ryû
Technique: sumi on paper 29,8 x 44,8
Mounting: cream satin 93,5 x 57,8
Condition: very good

客去秋林空 / 沙際石瀨響 / 好隨飛鳥歸 / 一路山煙上
My visitor has left and the autumn forest is empty again
Water ripples over the boulders along the brook
I enjoy watching the returning birds
The mountain path runs past the hazy clouds.

Poem by Dong Qichang 董其昌 (1555–1636)

Unlike most of his literati colleagues Kaiseki was well-to-do and could afford the best teachers.

At the age of 21 he moved to Kyoto and studied for three years with Taiga (1723-76). They became good friends. After his return to his native Wakayama in 1793 to serve the daimyô as the supervisor of sake brewing, which later was extended to the supervision of the production of copper, sugar cane and timber.
During his travels he met a lot of famous literati throughout the country and became friendly with the circle of Rai San’yô (1780-1832).

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