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Aiseki (c.1780-1837)
Ôbaku zen / Nanga
Keison gyô.. - Daybreak at the village in the valley
Signed: Aiseki
Seals: Aiseki
Technique: soft colours on silk 109 x 31.4
Mounting: brown silk 171 x 42.5
Condition: Somewhat faded, otherwise good

Aiseki (Mokusô Shinkei) was born in Uji and became a priest at the Mampukuji of the Ôbaku sect. He studied painting with Noro Kaiseki (1747-1828) and received strong influences of the style of Ike Taiga (1723-1776).
After Aiseki became involved in the1837 rebellion against the shogunate led by Ōshio Heihachirō (1793–1837) against the corruption of the Tokugawa shogunate, he was arrested and tortured to death in prison.
Aiseki is known as one of the three "seki's", together with his teacher Kaiseki and Nagamachi Chikuseki (1747-1806).

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