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Nakakura Gyokusui (1874-1950)? & Kubo Soshun (1842-1921)
Kashibachi, fruit bowl - Day break with tree tops with birds
Signed: Gyokusui wth kaô
Seals: Yashima, Soshun
Technique: Yashima rakuyaki with crackled glaze and a blue tesu-e, iron oxide under glaze painting Ø 17 x 6,7
Box: signed by Gyokusui

Box inscription with poem by Gyokusui.

Nakakura Gyokusui was born in Yamaguchi prefecture. He studied under Murase Gyokuden (1852-1917)and Hashimoto Gaho (1835-1908). He showed several times at the Bunten and other exhibitions.

Aburai p. 271

In 1905 Kubo Komakichi, Go Soshun started the Yashima kiln in Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture.
Yashimayaki is made from clay of the old battlefield at Yashima where in 1185 a battle has been been fought during the wars between the Taira and the Minamoto.