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86. Go Shun (1752-1811)
Kurōba, Clover - Fukabachi, deep bowl
Signed: Kaô (Kakihan)
Technique: Wheel-turned fine crackled beige kyôyaki with a brown tetsu-e underglaze painting of clover, Ø 17.2 x 10.3
Condition: fine

Go Shun (Matsumura Gekkei) and Maruyama Ôkyo (1733-95) were the most influential painters of the Kansai district.
In 1772 Go Shun went to Yosa Buson (1716-84) to study Buson’s typical Nanga style as well as haiga, a sketchy painting style related to haiku poetry. In 1782 he took the name Go Shun, reserving his earlier Gekkei for haiga paintings.
Ôkyo and Go Shun became good friends. After Ôkyo's death in 1795, Go Shun was asked to take over the Maruyama School but he founded his own, the Shijô School, instead.

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