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Unseki (act c. 1940)
Gyo don boku, fish and drinking ink, 14 Miscellaneous designs
Signed: Unseki Shôsha ga
Seals: Senshô ga.., Unseki Shôsha & Shûbi Unseki
Technique: sumi and some with colour on paper 24 x 18
Date: 1941
Condition: except for some minor flaws, very good

1. Costal landscape
2. Frog at stream
3. Red flowers
4. Autumn landscape with scholars
5. Winterlandscape
6. Spring landscape
7. Bamboo
8. New Year landscape with pines and rising sun
9. Scholars in a landscape
10. Man on a bridge
11. Melon and aubergines
12. Hôjû
13. Lobster
14. Colophon