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74. Yamashita Chikusai (1885-1973)
Monkeys on a cliff in falling snow and full moon
Signed: Chikusai
Seals: illegable
Technique: sumi and gofun on silk, 47.3 x 49.2
Mounting: beige gold damask and brown silk
143 x 65
Box: very good

Chikusai was born in Kyoto. At the age of fifteen Chikusai became a student of Yamamoto Shunkyo (1871-1933) and one of his best pupils. In 1911 at the 5th Bunten, a yearly exhibition organized by the Ministry of education he made his first appearance. When in 1919 the Bunten reorganized it became the Teiten. Chikusai was one of the committee members. During his career being a painter of dramatic landscapes he was a winner of many prizes.

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