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50. Kita Kadô (1812-1877)
The Kegon fall with swirling swallows
Signed: Kadôrôjin sha..
Seals: Chikuseki ô
Technique: sumi and little colour on silk, 128.2 x 58.5
Mounting: dark green gold damask and beige brocade
218 x 73.3
Box: signed
Condition: a few tiny insignificant restored holes at the top of the mounting, otherwise very good

Box inscription: 華厳瀑布之燕。福 華堂老人「印」華堂
Kegonbakufu no tsubame [signed:] Kadôrôjin [seal:] Kadô

Kadô was born in Imazu, Fuwa-gun, Mino (present-day Sekigahara-cho, Gifu Prefecture). He went to Kyoto to become a pupil of Gan Ku (1749-1838). After the death of Gan Ku he studied with his son Gan Tai (1782-1865) and Gan Ryô (1798-1852). He moved to Nagoya where he became the founder of the Kishi branch and a painter in the service of the Owari clan

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Araki p. 2027

Price: EUR 1,200 / USD 1,416