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Watanabe Nangaku (1767-1813)
Chinese sages; pleasures of bunjin life
Signed: Nangaku
Seals: Gan'in, Isekifu
Technique: colours on paper 28,6 x 268
Date: ca. 1810
Condition: Some flaws, right top corner at the beginning damaged, otherwise good

Nangaku introduced the Maruyama-Shijô style in Edo. He was born in Kyoto and became a pupil of Maruyama Õkyo (1733-1795) of whom he was considered one of his ten best. He was somewhat influenced by Kôrin.
Chinnen, Nanrei and Zeshin were among his Edo pupils.
Nangaku is known for his impromptu sketches.

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Price: EUR 1,000 / USD 1,110