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Ogawa Sen’yô (1882-1971)
Modern Nihonga
Signed: Sen’yô
Seals: Sen’yô
Technique: colours on paper 40,2 x 45,3
Mounting: humbly decorated paper
127,5 x 54,6
Condition: Waterstains at the top of the mounting, otherwise very good

Sen’yô Ogawa was born into an old bookstore family in Kyoto who were specialized in publishing Buddhist texts. Trained as a Buddhist painter he started in 1904 western style oil painting with Asai Chû (1856-1907) and became friends with the leading oil-painters Umehara Ryûsaburô (1888-1986) and Yasui Sôtarô (1888-1955). From 1908 he started to paint decorations on pottery and called himself Sen’yô, a thousand pots”. In the years 1913 and 1914 he traveled to France, Italy and India to study western painting. But more and more he moved to Nanga painting and from 1931 onwards he made regular trips to China, Taiwan, Korea and Manchuria. Like for instance Yasuda Yukihiko (1884-1978), Sen’yô shared the enthousiasm for the life-style, poetry and calligraphy of the poet Ryôkan (1757-1831), which became an important influence on his work.
He died in hospital on February 8, 1971, after he made this dead calligraphy: “This is all there is”.

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Price: EUR 450 / USD 513