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Mochizuki Gyokusen (1794-1852)
Snow landscape
Signed: Heian Gyokusen
Seals: Gyokusen
Technique: sumi and light colour on paper 93,5 x 26,6
Mounting: straw coloured raw silk
153 x 36,4
Condition: good

Gyokusen, Shigeteru, was the third in line of the Mochizuki painters family. He moved away from his father's and grandfather's Nanga style due to the influences of Murakami Tôshû (act c. 1800), Gan Ku (1749-1838), Go Shun (1752-1811), representing the Maruyama, Kishi and Shijô styles respectively. He was a distinguished painter of kachôga and landscapes in Kyôto.

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Price: EUR 700 / USD 791