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Chô Gesshô (1772-1832)
River landscape with men pulling a boat
Signed: Gesshô
Seals: Yukisada Genkei
Technique: sumi and light colours on paper 37.2 x 57.5
Mounting: bronze damask and cream silk
130 x 61.7
Condition: very good

Gesshô was born in Hikone, Ômi Province as the son of a scroll mounter.
Before Gesshô moved to Nagoya he studied in Kyoto with the Nanga painter Ichikawa Unkei (1736-1803) and later with Go Shun (1752-1811) and Tanke Gessen (1721-1809). When after a number of visits in 1798 he finally went to Nagoya to settle there, Rosetsu (1754-1799) came with him. Once in Nagoya he became a leading artist with Yokoi Kinkoku (1761-1832) and Yamamoto Baiitsu (1783-1856) among his pupils. As a poet and a haiga painter he was involved in several haiga and kyôka anthologies.
Bunchô appreciated Gesshô's work and suggested that he move to Edo, but Gesshô, who was quite comfortable in Nagoya, decided to stay.

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Price: EUR 800 / USD 888