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Fukuda Chokujô (1861-1947)
Chrysanthemums at a stream
Signed: Chokujô
Seals: Shûgetsu Rôshu
Technique: colours on silver paper 45 x 15.8
Date: 1910s
Condition: folded fan, very good

Chokujô was born in Ôtsu, Shiga-ken, and lived in Kyôto. He studied under Morikawa Sôbun (1847-1902). In 1886 he moved to Ôsaka to paint and teach and he lived in Hyogo. He seemed to have been an important artist in his time, and is supposed to have had many pupils. He was specialized in kachôga, flower, bird and landscape painting . He was a jury member of the Bunten.

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