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Nakanishi Kôseki (1807-1884)
Landscape: waterfall and summer mountains
Signed: Kôô
Seals: Kôô & unread (bottom)
Technique: sumi and colours on satin 43,5 x 33,4
Date: 1878 , autumn
Condition: laid down, fine

Kôseki was born in Ashiya, the son of a potter. In Osaka he studied calligraphy with Shinozaki Shôchiku (1781-1851), and in Kyoto painting with Oda Kaisen (1785-1862). Later he founded his own school.
He became very popular in Kansai and as one of the Taichôkô (the first characters of their names) he was considered as famous as Hine Taizan (1813-1869) and Maeda Chôdô (1817-1878).
Like Chôdô, Kôseki is representative as a painter in the transition to the Meiji Nanga style, not particulary innovative, but with a personal quite blunt execution of the conservative Nanga tradition.

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