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Gassaku album
Komazarai, raked together - Scrapbook of a Meiji period collection
Technique: sumi 21 x 35
Date: 1874, 1875 ...
Condition: good

22 pages and another 7 on the reverse.

Scrapbook compiled 1875 with 62 small paintings and calligraphies on the first 16 pages;
from page 17-22 waka poems by Saionji Sanetô (1434-1495), Sanjôdono Jitsiu (1588-1633) and Shûkô (mid-Muromachi Period (1392–1573). Page 23-29 miscellenious poems and calligraphies from different sources, including a copy after Sesshû by Tan’yû

Availability: On Request